No sand Beach Towel MaeMae

How many times have you gone to the beach and felt annoyed by the sand on your beach towel? Definitely MANY.

Going on holiday at the beach should no longer be a cause for stress or annoyance, but an occasion for relaxa and rest.

For those reasons, the MaeMae No Sand Sea Towel was designed, lying down and sunbathing will no longer be a problem.

The five advantages of this MaeMae no sand beach towel

  • Compact (closed) 18 × 25 cm

  • Spacious (from open) 100 × 180

  • Lightweight with only 350 gr

In just 3 seconds you will remove 98% of the sand on this beach towel. A true prodigy! The fabric with which the cloth is made is soft and breathable, so as to be dry in just 15 minutes, this will also allow you to wash it.

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And always remember MaeMae dont’sand, be happy!